Dãna – the meaning

Dãna means seed in Hindi (pronounced daa-naa) and generous contribution in Sanskrit (pronounced daan-a). The name is inspired by magnificent trees like oaks and banyans that emerge out of small seeds, grow deep roots and thick trunks given the right nourishment, and contribute generously to the well-being of our planet as full-grown adults. Dãna Coaching supports you to nurture your “seed” or potential in an authentic and balanced way so you may contribute wholeheartedly and sustainably to your work, relationships, and the world at large.

ABC Coaching

Dãna Coaching’s holistic approach focuses on authenticity, balance, and creativity, three core ingredients for unlocking your immense potential and making your most meaningful contribution.

Authenticity requires awareness of one's deepest aspirations and courage to be aligned with them. When facing crucial choices, the question What do I truly want? surfaces. Dãna Coaching helps you unravel what you truly want, by clearing through clouds of doubt, fear, social pressures and limiting beliefs. Once you know what you want, it helps you take a courageous and yet balanced approach to embrace change with confidence and grace.

Balance is so essential for deep fulfilment and yet hard to achieve in this day and age. You may be overwhelmed with various commitments to your profession, relationships, and hobbies and feel like you're constantly juggling a dozen priorities while walking an endless tightrope. Dãna Coaching supports you to find your unique balance-point by clearing the clutter in your mind and channelling your energy, time and money into authentic choices. It brings you back in rhythm with nature and helps you restore peace and serenity in a life that is nevertheless dynamic and generative.

Creativity is an essential life force: we create art, music, literature, ... and even more importantly, situations and circumstances. If external pressures rather than authentic aspirations are driving you, or if you are chronically imbalanced, your creative energy may stop flowing and you may become unhappy, depressed, or even physically ill. Dãna Coaching unfolds your creative potential by helping you make authentic choices, by enhancing your inner balance, and by clearing limiting beliefs that may be blocking your creativity.

Coaching method

Coaching is offered through one-on-one appointments, group meetings or seminars/workshops that are flexibly and intuitively adapted to needs of the clients (coachees) and are not based on any particular technique. They involve co-creative conversations in which, through deep listening and insightful questioning, the coach supports the coachees to reveal their own answers while keeping advice to a minimum. Whenever appropriate, coachees are taught powerful tools to access the immense power of their creative genius and to overcome fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. In order to engage the intuitive and non-verbal aspects of a client's mind, conversations are supplemented with drawing, writing, and practices to enhance somatic awareness. Coachees leave sessions with more clarity, often with their own drawings or writings to guide them, for example, the "Life Vision" drawing made by a coachee (below).


The holistic approach of Dãna Coaching includes time spent in peaceful natural settings, which is integrated into coaching sessions whenever appropriate. If in-person appointments are not feasible, sessions are held online.


Dãna Coaching offers its service to people from all walks of life-academics, corporates, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, to name a few. It supports people to find their authentic life and career paths, to go through crises or transitions, to make difficult personal or professional choices, to live and work with more balance, to set healthy boundaries, to change negative patterns and habits, and to enhance their creativity. Dãna Coaching also provides specialised coaching for academics and social entrepreneurs.. Themes for coaching include, but are not limited to, authentic and conscious leadership, clear and effective presentation and communication, wise career choices, greater life balance, group harmony and productivity, clearer goals and vision, and enhanced creativity in research & innovation.

About Sharmishtha

Sharmishtha Dattagupta, PhD, is a professionally trained coach & facilitator and founder of Dãna Coaching. She believes that each person has not only an immense potential but also an innate desire to contribute to the well-being of humanity and our planet. The focus of her coaching is on authenticity, balance, and creativity, which she calls the ABCs or core qualities for unlocking human potential. She derives her greatest joy and fulfilment from supporting people to make authentic choices, to find balance and harmony, and to develop courage and clarity to follow their callings and make their creative contribution. She practices a holistic approach to coaching, which integrates connecting with nature, balancing body and mind, and tapping into inner resources of analytical intelligence, intuition and wisdom. Several years of mindfulness meditation and a dedication to personal growth have given her the presence, clarity, and compassion to listen deeply and support lasting transformation in her clients.

In addition to coaching and facilitating, Sharmishtha has conceived a social entrepreneurship for sustainable agriculture and nature-based art that fosters talents of women from an indigenous rural tribe of North-Eastern India. She holds a PhD in Biology, and before transitioning to coaching and entrepreneurship, has worked for over 20 years as an academic and researcher. This included a 6-year term as an assistant professor, team-leader, and mentor at a prestigious university in Germany. Her research on deep-sea and cave ecosystems has been published in several internationally recognised scientific journals; she has dived in submarines and participated in several cave-exploration expeditions, and she has received grants from well-known organisations like National Geographic. She has lived and worked in several regions of India, in the United States, and in Germany, so inter-cultural competence comes naturally to her. She enjoys learning languages and can speak English, German, Hindi and Bengali fluently.

Sharmishtha thrives in growth, change, adventure, freedom of expression, and contribution, which she fosters in herself and inspires in others. She invites you to recognise the greater potential of who you are and what your life could be. In her own life, she has undergone deep personal transformation and healed from debilitating post-traumatic depression through holistic approaches. This gives her the confidence that big changes and transformations are possible in people of any age. She loves doing yoga and spending time in nature, hiking, rock-climbing, cycling and swimming. She prioritises nurturing deep and meaningful relationships, which give her the stability and support she needs to be living at her full potential.

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